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Fast growth for a retailer.

PRS Case Studies

Fast growth for a retailer can be very demanding for the IT and construction staff. Stores need to open on time, and delays cost money... And everyone wants to know why. So, when a national retailer planned on opening 65 new locations in less than a year, they needed someone they could trust to do the work right, and do the work on time.

But, they were concerned because the volume of work was more than most vendors could handle and because the stores would open in many different locations that were spread throughout the country. In fact, given their plans, it was certain that many stores would be in progress at the same time. They felt that this was sure to cause problems for any vendor they chose.

So, their first thought was to bring in several vendors to accommodate all the work and the aggressive schedule. However, this meant that they would have to bring multiple vendors up-to-speed on what is a very intricate, detailed scope of work. They soon realized that this strategy would increase their chances that there would be complications in the field, which could lead to errors and delays.

Instead, when they talked to PRS, they found they would have a single-point-of-contact project manager who was thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about their installation. In addition, the project manager could manage multiple installations at the same time, even in multiple geographies. And, the project manager would have the tools he needed to ensure the quality of work at each location.

PRS was chosen to do all the new store installs, and as time went on, the retailer even began to rely on PRS to handle all of their service calls. The added work did nothing to slow down the progress of the job and over 60 stores were complete in just over 9 months.

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